Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my child(ren)? 

Absolutely! Children are allowed, but we do not offer special pricing on tickets for children. 

Should I bring a chair? 

We have TONS of seating in the shade with misters throughout the venue. But, if you would like to bring your own lawnchair, please feel free!  

Can we bring in our own food & drinks? 

Nope! No outside food or drink please. 

What if I want to meet the artists backstage? 

We do offer very special BackStage Meet & Greet passes so you can meet the artists personally! You can purchase a Meet & Greet pass at the Entrance or at the tent near the stage labeled 'Meet & Greet'. 

Is there a VIP Lounge?  

Yes! The VIP Lounge has it's own fully stocked bar and bartender, air conditioning, couches, and more. You can purchase a VIP pass at the front Entrance or at the VIP Lounge itself.  

What is a S'mores Station?

We have two (2) very special 'S'mores Stations' at the Venue. Yyou can purchase a S'mores Pack to roast marshmallows and make s'mores at the front Entrance or at a tent labeled S'mores Station.  S'mores Packs have enough supplies to make at least two complete s'mores. 

What is the Pools & Picnics Area? 

Along the river, in the grass underneath the shade trees will be a series of kiddie pools with places to sit. The idea is for guests to dip their feet in, or sit for a bit in the water and chill out to some music with a beautiful river view. 

How will we stay cool at the Venue? 

Well it is summertime in California so we won't be cold ;) But, we have TONS of Shade and Misters, Big Fans all over, Cold Drinks, Ice, and a wonderful River Breeze helping us all stay cool!